The elegant luxurious carpets, elegant fashion experience(3)

Egypt carpet. Egypt’s carpet designs are very rich, expressed Egypt’s inherent geographical history of the mysterious and elegant, has been all over the world in hot pursuit of the collector. Egypt under the carpet of color and divided into several different characteristics of the series: “autumn” series with flowers, fruit-based design, colorful, full of movement; “Nile” series of ancient mystery, full of ancient Egypt’s rich geographical characteristics; “Galaxy” Star-like series with gorgeous colors, modern avant-garde; “palace” series of solemn and elegant; “pastoral” series fresh and simple; “Diamond” series of splendid China and the United States; “Duke” good noble family, are impressive, The eyes of collectors, with its carpet Egypt as the Egyptian experience in the mysterious, spiritual kind of racing is to imagine other carpets do not have the charm.

The temptation of Tibetan folk customs of the Chinese people

Chinese carpet is a national style of traditional crafts, has a long history, far more than 2000 years ago in the historical records in there. Xinjiang carpet, carpet in Qinghai, Tibet, carpets, Inner Mongolia, stained carpets and so on in order to coordinate, design exquisite layout, flexible pattern cut flowers, blanket formation face, hand, the United States and shiny, strong and flexible famous, is considered China’s handicraft carpet in a Wonderful flowers.

Xinjiang carpet. Xinjiang carpets are renowned for their long history, skilled and well-known to the world, Xinjiang is the traditional ethnic arts and crafts. Its superior raw materials, fine texture, head-down, blanket Mian Bao-ping, I would like to design complex. Xinjiang carpet of the main varieties of Al-yaru, Iran-style Qiaqi Ma, and so on-Alarcon, most symmetrical patterns, neat, rough lines, a strong contrast color. As a fine art, carpets, Xinjiang has been a lot of art treasures by collectors. So far in London’s Victoria and Alabote Museum, Textile Museum in Washington, Frankfurt, Germany, arts and crafts museum, a collection of Xinjiang Sitan or wool carpet, as treasures for people to enjoy. Xinjiang carpet pattern common to open a force willing, Xiamunusi, khaki, such as the type of man.

Qinghai carpet. Qinghai rich Oriental carpet design characteristics, the longer the use of age, the more light sheen, the more shows that the value of its own. Qinghai Qinghai Tibetan Carpet is a carpet, the carpet in order to “gross Xining,” as raw materials, hand spinning, dyeing plants, all of the processes used to produce hand-made, simple and natural design, elegant color, simple, rugged, fresh style , The United States and give the enjoyment by the collector’s favorite.