The export tax rebate rate or improve

Zhong Shan, vice minister of Ministry of Commerce recently said publicly that foreign trade to maintain stable growth of China’s economic security, security of employment is significant, the state will change the situation to further improve the relevant policies and measures, and policies include: the proposed mechanical and electrical products and enhance the export tax rebate rate of labor-intensive products ; further improve and adjust ban restricted directory; further support the processing trade.


It is understood that the above-mentioned policy measures and recommendations to support after a series of Ministry of Commerce research derived. In mid-February, the Commerce Department Zhongshan, Jiang Yaoping, Fu Ziying, vice minister of digital led, went to Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places research. Hill made clear that the current financial crisis has not yet bottomed out, international trade volume this year is expected to be significantly decreased, together with the possible escalation of external trade protection, the Chinese foreign trade in 2009 was facing a grim situation. “We will sort out the current comprehensive foreign trade policy to help businesses reduce the burden of increasing confidence, in accordance with the changing situation improve relevant policies, including some of the goods to continue to improve the export tax rebate rate, improve the export credit insurance and other coverage.”


In fact, the Government’s intention to support foreign trade and exports have long been clear. At a State Council executive meeting examined and adopted before the light industry and textile revitalization planning has made it clear that related products will continue to improve the export tax rebate rate. One of, light planning pointed out that the next three years to revitalize the goal light is tentatively scheduled for an average annual increase of 10%, while 631 will improve the export tax rebate rate products.


The textile industry was the beginning of February 1, the export tax rebate rate from 14% raised to 15%. Insiders disclosed that after the passage of the textile revitalization planning, China Textile Industry Association to the 16 provinces carried out research, its findings will be submitted to the State Council to revitalize the textile industry an important aspect of planning, textile products export tax refund rate is very likely to return to 17% of the highest point.


Customs data show that in January this year China’s total imports and exports 141.8 billion U.S. dollars for yuan, down 29%. 90.45 billion U.S. dollars, including exports, fell 17.5%. In the export of various types of merchandise, after four times since last year to adjust export tax rebate rate, in January, including textile and garment, footwear and some other traditional bulk commodity exports have begun to stabilize.