The financial crisis sweeping the globe, foreign trade market of the rapidly

The financial crisis sweeping the globe, foreign trade market to shrink dramatically. Foreign trade market of foreign trade enterprises have led to the shrinking domestic market to increase the pressure on the domestic market, such a chain reaction leading to poor market conditions. Do not look at first-line businesses, some in the second and third lines of business will be to find ways to move up in the Recently, climbing fixed to the fall, the situation will be very optimistic. Maybe next year will die a lot of small businesses. And apparel, home textiles clothing more than three decades the development of the industry’s fundamental business has been very strong textile industry and the rise of a relatively short period of time, many businesses have only just begun will be very difficult. Financial crisis had made a lot of consumers are cautious and less to buy a lot of desire, leading Chinese real estate industry also faces adjustment, which will also bring a large textile industries, in particular, this piece of cloth.

However, this piece of the development of the textile industry’s future is still very large, textile products is also a necessity. Enterprises are now the most important thing is to have a good position to have their own core products, have an innovative design to meet the tastes of Chinese consumers. According to China’s national conditions, China and the very concept of foreign consumers, foreign consumers may be in a relatively short period of time go home and update products, but domestic consumers may be two to three years before you update And perhaps longer. The second is the establishment of development strategies, clearly understand that customers who are vendors who. During this period, most can not be blind. At the same time, is also a crisis of opportunity, during the 2003 SARS, for which we are all concerned about life and death, the rise of a lot of business as usual. So in the face of the crisis as long as the correct finding, may also be a good opportunity.

At this stage, the textile industry’s sales are now from a simple model to the traditional wholesale Direct developed into multi-channel marketing: Direct traditional wholesale channels, gift channel TV direct sales channels, mail order channel. Sales of these new models given the new income-generating enterprises, also exacerbated the enterprise sales channels between the forces of competition. Therefore, enterprises should create a different brand strategies, new thinking to win the domestic market to ease the crisis brought about by the pressure, seize the favorable opportunity of development.

Analysis of the above, we see that at the same time, front-line marketing support behind: the factory! , As they are mainly in the form of OEM to survive, export and the domestic side of the inter-relationship between the conversion, resulting in the loss of a large number of processing plants in the right direction, and export it to engage in a piece of the same: to establish their own brands or switch? To establish their own brands, needed to face the status quo and seek a space in this competition with the development of the poor and the space industry, as start-ups or existing businesses, to the survival and development, can not be separated from two points: the company The core strategy to create competitive products, the Second: professional managers of the marketing strategy competition, solving these two points, then the competitiveness of enterprises on the powerful. Key points on the bosses to see the charm!