The first 11 months of national above-scale industrial enterprises rose 4.9 percent profit

National Bureau of Statistics released the latest data show that the first 11 months of national industrial enterprises above designated size profit rose 4.9 percent, while the chemical fiber industry profits dropped 75 percent. Industry analysts believe that the chemical fiber enterprises 1 to appear in November profit to drop substantially lower reaches of the rapid decline of market, product oversupply. Chemical fiber industry profits dropped due to the rapid price decline. 2006 ~ 2007 as a result of severe market supply and demand imbalance, chemical fiber varieties prices rose markedly, and started from the second quarter of last year, due to the excessive production capacity expansion, coupled with the financial crisis, as well as downstream textile and garment industry slump, making chemical fiber product demand remains in the doldrums.

The plate is currently no investment opportunities

Although the chemical fiber industry profit to drop substantially, but the fourth quarter because of the financial crisis spread, petrochemical product prices, exacerbated by economic difficulties at home and abroad, industry performance will continue to deteriorate, chemical fiber industry is estimated that revenue grew only 1.44 percent, while the profits will drop 65.38 percent year-on-year. Most analysts said the stock trades without a good short-term investment opportunities.

Insufficient demand in the short term it is difficult to restore

Guotai Junan industry analysts believe that the reason why the chemical fiber industry into a new round in the doldrums, the most important textile demand from the lower reaches is seriously insufficient. And in 2009, textile demand for return is to determine the chemical fiber industry at the bottom of the key out. However, the current situation, the first half of next year because of the lower reaches of textiles alone outside of the significantly reduced, still can not shake off the dilemma, and therefore the demand for fiber is still in the doldrums. However, the analyst also said that investment opportunities in the stock market, the earnings have lost comparable significance.

Shenzhen speaking on condition of anonymity Fund strategy analyst for the author said that at present, as a downstream chemical fiber textile and garment industry is difficult to restore a short-term, export situation has not improved, the state introduced tax rebates and other positive effects of increase will gradually disappear Therefore, chemical fiber industry no obvious short-term investment opportunities.