The global financial crisis spread havoc, devastation

Dec. 17, from the State Council executive meeting on November 26 in the study to address the deployment of iron and steel, automobiles, textiles and so on nine major industries and enterprises is difficult for a whole over the past three weeks. The newspaper has learned that the State Development and Reform Commission is busy formulating the nine key industries of the revitalization plan, and strive to the end of this year or early next year in the form of high-profile appearances.

The global financial crisis spread of the outbreak, the devastation.

The textile industry, as a 30% degree of dependence on overseas labor-intensive traditional industries, in this wave of “cold wave” in the first to be affected, and even the world-renowned Chinese “textile town” – Shaoxing, but also because of Sanxin Union, Martial Law Group, as well as vertical and horizontal groups one after another into a critical situation, reflecting the Chinese textile industry to become well-being of the thermometer.

Feel the pulse of the textile industry

“More than Chanzao Lin Jing, Shan birds more quiet,” from the poet of the Southern Dynasties by Wang Ji Shan will recite the 5 km, is the ancient city of Shaoxing. Yishanbangshui Shaoxing, is full of talents, is a three-Yu had nothing of the house, Gou Jian of the hardships, the thousands of years the legendary treasures of Xiang Yu.

Shaoxing is the ancient Chinese textile industry, “Sunrise China silk lofty homes,” How magnificent scene. Now, however, linger in the minds of people in Shaoxing more Shaoxing textile industry survive the severe winter Sese. According to a recent Xinhua report, in October this year, Chinese textile and garment export growth rate hit a 6-year low. At present, textile enterprises above designated size in about 70% of the average profit margin was 0.1 percent, the textile industry 2 / 3 or a loss of business at the edge of a loss.

The textile industry in Shaoxing, to be significantly better than national counterparts.

January to October, the city of Shaoxing textile industry over the scale of enterprise sales 183,480,000,000 yuan, up 10.8 percent; export 9,436,000,000 U.S. dollars, an increase of 26.6 percent, 18 percentage points higher than the national; a profit of 5,949,000,000 yuan, profit margins for the industry 3.24%. However, the textile industry in Shaoxing, I am afraid even stronger sense of crisis.

From the city of Shaoxing Economic and Trade Commission (hereinafter referred to as “the city of Shaoxing Economic and Trade Commission”), acquired in October this year in its development of “Shaoxing textile industry to enhance development planning” (the “Strategic Plan”) (2008-2012), of Its own difficulties and the lack of clearance to see more and more weight. As the textile industry in Shaoxing basically in the form of the production chain embedded in the global value chain, mainly in the production of finished products, chemical fiber raw materials (mainly PTA), textile machinery mainly depend on imports of high value-added costume design and operation of the brand Weak capacity.

“So, in fact, the textile industry from the ‘smiling curve’, the textile industry in Shaoxing of the curve ‘lower’ position, which is in the low-end textile value chain.” Shaoxing Economic and Trade Commission related to the head of our reporter said frankly.

The primary issue directly restricted the textile industry in Shaoxing’s the status of the international division of labor. The second issue is that while the textile industry in Shaoxing improve the industrial chain, but in the ability to innovate, with the international advanced level, there are still big gaps.

In the performance of specific, high-performance, functional ability to develop chemical fiber, low value-added products; behind the development of fabrics, many textile enterprises have been staying at the stage of imitation; textile machinery and mechanical and electrical integration, and so on a relatively low level, and different Foot. Not the ability to innovate is a very important reason is that the textile industry share of investment in research and development on the low side, relatively little research funding. I get the data show that, Shaoxing textile enterprises and scientific research, sales ratio of 1%, lower than the international standard of 2-5 percent. Growing at a low level of price competition in the textile industry in Shaoxing has become the bottleneck for further development.