The invention of nylon and performance is what official

It is an outstanding American scientists Carothers (Carothers) and under the leadership of a research group developed the world’s first synthetic appeared. The emergence of nylon textile products so that the new look, and its synthesis is a major breakthrough in synthetic fiber industry, and polymer chemistry is also an important milestone.
In 1928, the largest U.S. chemical company DuPont ─ ─ a foundation for the establishment of the Institute of Chemistry, as young as 32-year-old Dr. Carothers appointed by the person in charge. He mainly engaged in research polymerization. He first study of bifunctional molecules polycondensation through alcohol and dual dual acid esterification of condensation, synthesis of long chain, high molecular weight polyester. In less than two years, Carothers in the preparation of linear polyester polymer in particular, has made important progress, the polymer molecular weight increased to 10 000 to 25 000, he molecular 10 000 higher than the quality of the polymer known as the polymer (Superpolymer). In 1930, assistant Carothers found that alcohol and dual dual acid polycondensation through the preparation of high-polyester, the molten material like cotton candy-like silk to come out, and that even if the filaments of the fibrous After cooling can continue to stretch, stretching the length of up to several times the original, after cooling after the fiber tensile strength, flexibility, transparency and gloss are greatly increased. This peculiar nature of the polyester of a premonition that they might be of great commercial value, it is possible to use the polymer to melt spinning fiber. However, studies continue to show that, from the polyester fibers to be only in theory. Polyester high as 100 ℃ in the following that is melting, particularly soluble in a variety of organic solvents, but also in the water a little more stable and therefore not suitable for textiles.
Carothers also followed a series of polyester and polyamide compounds had an in-depth research. After multi-contrast, he was selected on February 28, 1935 for the first time by the synthesis of adipic acid and hexamethylene diamine of polyamide 66 (the first 6 that the carbon atoms diamine, the second 6 months, said acid in The number of carbon atoms). This PA is not soluble in common solvents, the melting point of 263 ℃, higher than the commonly used temperature of iron, drawn silk fiber has the look and luster, and also close to the nature of natural silk, and its resistance At that time, more than any of the strength of fiber. And the nature of their manufacturing costs into consideration, it is known in the PA is the best option. Then, DuPont has solved the production of polyamide 66 sources of industrial raw materials, Oct. 27, 1938 announced the birth of the world’s first synthetic fiber, synthetic fiber and polyamide 66 such named nylon ( Nylon). Nylon was in English as “from coal, air, water or other synthetic material with abrasion resistance and flexibility, similar to the chemical structure of the protein Polyamides of the general term for all.”