The main performance nylon

Nylon is the main varieties of nylon 6 and nylon 66, the main characteristics are as follows.

1. Wear-resistant nylon solid strength, its strength and even more than the same thickness of the wire. Ordinary nylon yarn for the strength of 35.2 ~ 52.8cN/tex, strong nylon yarn strength of up to 61.6 ~ 83.6cN/tex.

2. The nylon wear resistance is superior to all other textile fiber, 20 times higher than that of wool, cotton fiber than 10 times more than Guchang for socks and carpet weaving. Nylon or wool and viscose fiber blend fabrics can significantly increase the wear-resistance, for example, wool mixes 15% nylon, which can increase wear resistance of 3.5 times, in the viscose fibers mixed with 15% Nylon, which can increase wear resistance of 1 times.

3. The relative density nylon relative density of 1.14, with the exception of polypropylene, which is the lightest in a synthetic fiber, cotton fiber than 35% of the light, light viscose fiber 25%.

4. Due to a flexible polymer chain molecules of fat in the soft-key and the polarity, the fiber has good back flexibility, such as the elongation of 3% to 6% of its elastic recovery rate of 100%, 10% elongation When the elastic recovery rate of 98% to 100%, 15% elongation up to 82.6 percent, so the fatigue-resistant performance, second only to the extent of the formation of the fabric of polyester, and many times the deformation ability, to be capable of sustaining Tens of thousands of times back and forth around the bend fold, the system is ideal for carpet weaving materials. Under the same conditions, the bending-resistant nylon pack around than the capacity of cotton fiber from 7 to 8 times higher than the 10 times the number of high-viscose fiber.

5. Corrosion-resistant nylon with excellent chemical stability, sp borers is not easy, good alkali resistance, in general terms, not afraid of sweat, sea water, soap, lye, and so on, but the chemical intolerance, dissolved in acid concentration.

6. Light-fastness of nylon light-fastness in general, but also optical anisotropy, the phenomenon of birefringence. Birefringence value than the stretch with big changes in the full stretch, nylon 66 of the refractive index of about 1.582 vertical, horizontal refractive index of about 1.519; nylon 6 of the refractive index of about 1.580 vertical, horizontal Refractive index of about 1.530. Durable fabric will be after-sun yellow, decline in strength.

7. Nylon moisture absorption of moisture absorption in general, natural fibers and man-made fibers are poor, but in the synthetic fiber, with the exception of Jacques, it’s still a high moisture absorption. Nylon 6 because of monomers and the existence of low-molecular-weight materials, slightly higher than the moisture absorption of nylon 66.

8. Elongation at break of nylon elongation at break with the species-specific, strong silk elongation at break is lower, about 20 9 / 6 to 30 9 / 6, ordinary filament 25% to 40%. Nylon 6 staple fiber is higher, about 40% to 50 9 / 6. Usually wet at the time of elongation at break than the dry-high 3% -5%.

9. Heat-resistant nylon heat-resistant properties of the general, in the 150 ℃ under the conditions of that experience 5h yellow, and the intensity and degree of extension of the significant decline in the rate of increase in the contract. Nylon 66 is usually the more heat-resistant nylon 6, and their safe use temperature of 130 ℃ and 93 ℃. In polyamide 6, polyamide 66 and the polymerization when heat stabilizers, can improve its heat resistance.

10. Nylon dyeing and the dyeing is not natural and man-made fibers, but in the synthetic fiber is easier to dye a fiber can be used acid dyes, disperse dyes and other dyes.

11. DC electrical conductivity properties of the nylon is very low, in textile processing as a result of friction and easily generate static electricity. However, its electrical conductivity with the moisture absorption rate increases, and with the humidity increases according to the law of exponential increase. Such as when the relative humidity in the atmosphere changes from 0 to 100%, Nylon 66 can increase the electrical conductivity of 10. Times, in the textile fiber processing, to carry out wet processing, can reduce the effects of static electricity.

12. The role of microbes resistant microbes resistant nylon role in the ability of good in mud or water base, the role of microbial resistance second only to the ability of Lvguan (PVC fiber), but there is oil or nylon sizing agents, the role of microbial resistance Being able to cut. 13. Chemical properties of alkali-resistant nylon, resistant to reducing the role of good ability, but the acid-resistant and resistant to oxidant effect poor performance. The nylon 6 and nylon 66 major performance out in the table – China. Table of nylon 6 and nylon 66 major performance