The oldest hand-woven carpets THE PYZYRYK CARPET

No one knows first hand-woven carpets are produced when and where. Because everything has its natural life, as time goes by, hand-woven carpets and their loss will gradually disappear. Maintenance of good quality hand-woven carpets are usually very easy to use dozens or even hundreds of years.
Today the oldest and most well-preserved hand-woven Oriental rug is kept in St. Petersburg, Russia, the country’s cultural heritage museum in 2500 before the Bazeleike (Pyzyryk) hand-woven carpets. 1949 Russian archaeologists led by Dr. Lu Dengke archaeological expedition, Ze Leike yaba Nanxiboli in a mining valley more than 2500 years ago, the Altai Prince tomb, discovered lucky to preserve this good hand-woven carpets. This carpet is stored in an ice in the permafrost. A reasonable assumption is that Dao Muzei visit to the tomb, they stole the gold and silver jewelry, but did not take graves in the carpet and then the rain poured graves, formed to protect the natural icehouse. This hand-woven carpets 6-foot 6-inch square, weaving density of 220 square inches per node, the weave density in accordance with the current standard is not low. Design exquisite detail, from small box in the middle is composed of geometric patterns, there are two main border, a border have been living in the north of Iran in the Caspian Sea at the southern end of the long-extinct macular deer, the other in the border there to ride in Warriors of the horse show in 2500 before the hand-woven carpet weaving high level, but also proved that hand-woven carpet weaving is an ancient art. In this hand-woven carpet was found in the past, the experts mainly rely on written records to prove that some of the history of hand-woven carpets, but could not say their method of weaving. This carpet weaving methods used by the two-node is the symmetry is also called Turkey knot knot, the symmetry of the end game today and symmetry of the game exactly the same junction. This carpet of the design of the carpet that early design is based on geometry-based, including abstract patterns and image patterns.