The preparation of corn bran carpet Technology

In recent years, with people constantly improve the living conditions, housing conditions have been greatly improved. Green consumption of green products become increasingly concerned about the topic. Interior decoration as a result of chemical products containing high concentrations of volatile substances affect people’s respiratory systems, hazardous to their health, is gradually being abandoned. All-natural green products increasingly being welcomed. With corn bran carpet weaving in their degree of flexibility, beautiful patterns, to create a refreshing and pleasant indoor environment and environmental protection by the United States, Japan, France and other countries widely welcomed.

Here are the preparation of corn bran carpet:

1, the corn bran to deal with bleach: In order to make more white corn bran, sulfur fumigation can be used to bleach corn bran. The sulfur smoked corn bran, not only soft, pure white, mildew and moth-eaten is not easy. Fumigation is: will select the water wet corn bran, water purification off, or on the Dagang sealed indoor fumigation, 1-2 hour fumigation, evenly spread out to dry.

2, Yu-Mi Pisheng processing: corn bran is a single strand rope spinning wheel from spinning. Hand-braided corn bran can be prepared by the corn bran Picheng 1 cm wide small, with three Xiaobian into the same girl for Fabian similar to the way. Flap can be woven braids, braided edges twist. Flap formation braided effect, braided edges twist is more convex round. Flap whether or braided edges twist braids, after the formation of both positive and negative points, positive formation, shiny; negative as a result of multi-joint, hair stubble, should be used to make a positive exposed.

3, nail plate: Carpet weaving is composed of a number of separate patterns, each unit is the nail plate by way made, the unit in the shape of a round, square, triangle, and so on, can be hard synthetic carpets.

The nail plate is: width, thickness and uniformity, the same color braids, positive outward, clockwise turn the steering wheel every lap to 2-3 with hand-sewing needles around nails. Law nail plate at Double-and single-disc two. Single-disc from one end of the beginning of braids, the order of nail plate, was monochrome, and detailed results; two-color plate refers to the use of two different colors of braids at the same time a disk containing two types of color patterns. Double monochromatic braided grass will break from the knot in the middle, starting out as soon as possible in the first set, which means fast, easy, but pinch-ping. Through these methods, you can set up a round, oval, square, triangle, diamond shapes and other patterns of a separate unit, even up is complete and beautiful carpets.

4, even hard: that is to nail a good crack unit to fight together patterns, sewing nail sizes, different specifications of the carpet or blanket door. Each unit has an area of about 0.1 × 0.9 meters by 6 linked together, with an area of about 0.6 × 0.9 meters, suitable for the use of blanket door. Under the carpet a room the size of the fight even flexible, usually made 1.2 × 1.8 m in the sale of specifications for the use of splicing.

5, seam side: the finished stitching the carpet, there are generally side seam, in order to reinforce the edge to regular appearance.