The pure wool rug what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Advantages of pure wool savonnerie rugs are: 1. Warm noise pollution-free. Fiber is warm, not flammable and color gorgeous, rich textures, insulating silencers, durable, not easy to bond, and no pollution. And wool savonnerie rugs can also reduce indoor formaldehyde and carbon dioxide. 2. Humidity-moisture, flame retardant electrical resistance. Wool is animal fibers, are tubular, with respiration. When indoor moisture for a long time, wool can inhale water; indoor when dry, it can give off moisture. This nature not only of dry wool savonnerie rugs can regulate indoor humidity, prevent burning, can prevent the charged in indoor air. Wool surface squamous, also have good moisture absorption effect. 3. Elastic best, long service life. Neutral best wool savonnerie rugs is a savonnerie rugs bomb, because it is the natural hair quality, sense of foot soft, abrasion resistance, long service life. Disadvantages of the pure wool rug: Nano-dust properties strong, difficult to clean, easy to produce water stains can easily breed bacteria and insects, higher prices.