The silk production process

Silk blanket making process: a, and Silkworm insect (spring insects) of was born to into cocoon spring silkworm insect is a natural insects, from almost 2 mm diameter of small round egg in the became does not to 10 mm long of small black insect, main after first field, and second field, and third field of pure natural Mulberry leaves carefully feeding, long to 40 mm around, slowly by black became white small Cocoon (has thumb size), its feeding process very complex. Site of sericulture in the room, with natural light, ventilation and disinfection, avoid the idlers and all impurity or low survival rate, cocoon of poor quality. Second, and spring Mulberry cocoon of processing, and seam rips and the dye refining 1, and spring Mulberry cocoon of processing silkworm insect became cocoon Hou first to drying, selected quality of cocoon do seam rips with, and with traditional of manual seam rips method, to cocoon into water in removal impurities, after 1-3 times water filter then into boiling water in the Cook 20 minutes Hou, for seam rips, each kg health cocoon pumping pure silk 0.3 kg, weight by by required material and will, last by too unit, and playing unit, and drying, and dry loaded, and hold alternate. 2 the processing of silk, silk processing is more complex, open the first sub-unit of silk, placed in 5 to 6 on a manual spell machine to merge weight depends on the desired number of more units into one unit, and dyeing and refining. 3, refining of silk yarn by weight classification, into the industrial base, then the pot 30-40 minutes, rogue become soft, then rinses clean in the clear water, alkali and completely washing away the impurities, squeezing, drying, and packaging. 4, after silk dyeing silk after refining of classification, in the boiling water into the different colors that you want, after mixing evenly, into silk, constantly turning around 40 minutes, as in the refining process at a later time. Three, drawing in accordance with the pictorial drawing, blueprint, the label that you want. Four, machine beams make a selection to a certain hard wood beams and box, resistance to pressure, and drying (also available steel production). Number five, high road silk savonnerie rugs production 1, do a high number of silk savonnerie rugs, select workers are the first key, choose to not directly affect the quality of the product. Young girl under the age of 18-25 years, eye vision is good, clever, 5 years experience in making savonnerie rugs of excellent workers, to make a high number of silk savonnerie rugs. Number 2, hanging by the different road, arranging, in foot units, mark scale. 3, silk savonnerie rugs woven hanging up for hand-woven, is a complex process. Color line on the left hand knife in your right hand, before and after tying, pull box Parallels, then beat, with flowers line 220 g-250 g per square foot, and then use a knife to cut off line, 1.5 centimeters long, maintain consistent stroke, savonnerie rugs surface, edge straight, blanket-type being, not careless, braiding must be maintained and drawings as real perfection. By factory technicians strict validation and then identification authorized by Ministry of light industry, our products to market. Manual silk savonnerie rugs production is a time-consuming task. A worker woven silk savonnerie rugs needs a 300 5×8 feet 14-20 months, 800 1.4×2 feet to 40-50 months. Make 1000 piece of silk savonnerie rugs, material and thickness of hair almost, even wearing a magnifying glass, a girl after the completion, the vision will also decline in varying degrees, typically are no longer in the second. Number of so called high road silk savonnerie rugs as “soft gold”. With the development of the times, high number of silk savonnerie rugs with national characteristics as an increasingly rare handmade works of art, the value of qugao, and therefore become the world’s museums in many countries, as well as collections of individuals. Our products have been sold to dozens of countries and regions of the world, widely praised by the user, as the savonnerie rugser has called “clever woven Persian savonnerie rugs, traverse the sea into the continental”. Silk value: purchase and use of silk savonnerie rugs for a family is a fixed investment without any risks. With the development of the times, high number of silk savonnerie rugs with national characteristics as an increasingly rare handmade works of art, appreciation and value to the collection of it undoubtedly decides it has unlimited potential. Appreciate the value of hand-made savonnerie rugs using a variety of traditional patterns, such as flowers, birds, happiness, life, Dragon, performance style and superb technology of the Nations and peoples. Pure silk on hand-made savonnerie rugs from the pattern of our country: Persia, Beijing-style, art, many styles such as color-style, plain style, rich in content, its flowers, scenes like the relief of the savonnerie rugs surface, savonnerie rugs surface luminous, bright color, both to condense the essence of ancient Chinese culture and modern civilization and natural form of eclectic, with a very high appreciation of the value. Value with natural silk silk savonnerie rugs as raw materials, hand-woven. Natural silk is a natural protein fiber, has good thermal insulation, moisture, thermal and ventilation performance, and with good UV absorption, effects on human health, with a very high value. Silk savonnerie rugs have this unique value is other types of savonnerie rugs to none. Collectable hand-made silk is the most upscale variety of woven savonnerie rugs. Road number 300 road above of silk savonnerie rugs texture thin, feel comfortable, each square feet has 90,000 a above of manual knot, its making is a item time-consuming effort of work, before and after required after processing, and drawing, and woven, and flat, and tablets, and wash, and cast, and repair, dozens of road process making and into, so enjoyed “soft gold” of reputation, very with hedge, and value-added of effect. At the same time, silk savonnerie rugs behind the potential of cultural content and artistic taste, but also for the many collectors favor