The unique design style to lead the wave of home carpet

I. Introduction carpet bee words

Bee words carpets, set up since 2001, has developed into a company with more than a chain of carpet shops. Since its inception, the bee words carpet has been following the “service-oriented, striving for perfection,” the concept of corporate culture, continue to be more fashionable, more attractive and more feature of the nation’s first-class quality products and professional services dedicated to a wide range of users.
Today, the language of bees in the carpet and around the city of Nanjing is well-known in the domestic industry may also have a small operator of thin. 2008 held in Shanghai in 2008, the 10th China International ground pavement materials and technology exhibition, the language of bees carpet for the first time exhibitors, with its unique design, excellent quality of access to the large number of businessmen at home.
Good quality brand of excellent casting. Bee words of the carpet high-quality products, whether from or to the selection process are dealt with strictly. They have first-class design, first-class product quality, first-class hospitality services. As a result, our customers do pay a return visit, our customer satisfaction high.
Bee carpet in the language of many years of contact with consumers, gathered on the carpet consumer expectations and a variety of information, so we are confident that the design produced by the majority of consumers love the carpet.
Second, the analysis of the development of the home carpet

1. Home of the carpet use and development

As a long history of indoor decorative paving materials, carpet in the world has a huge consumer group. In the indoor carpet covered not only beautify the environment, alleviate the pressure, people feel comfortable, but also adsorption air dust, noise reduction and sound-absorbing insulation, such as the role of moisture absorption, so the carpet in the worldwide popularity of consumers at all levels Favor. Six Dynasties as the ancient capital of Nanjing, economic development continued to take off, the home of the carpet market is the rapid development of the bee words on the occasion coincides with the carpet will be, once home to lead the trend of the carpet.
In the past, the carpet in the minds of many people, is a luxury. We have bee words carpet reception in the consumer, often have the impression that a lot of customers in the hotel carpet hotel is full of carpets, the high cost of the decorations. At this time, it is necessary to introduce customers to the beauty of the home carpet. In the living room carpet shop in the middle to bridge the gap distance between the guest and host, add elegant atmosphere; table in a lower berth carpet, to strengthen the living room and dining area division; bed in the bedroom carpet shop a long strip, Convenient on the master bed; children in a rectangular room laid fiber carpets, the children can easily play, enjoy family happiness; study tables and chairs in a lower berth carpet can be added to literary atmosphere. Small, exquisite carpets at home, often for regular new home has become so lovely, warm, the whole room full sense of fashion shop more, the price will not be too high.
2. Home of the carpet design

2008 home field of a wide range of the most popular style is modern style. Modern style strongly from the functional point of view, focusing on formal beauty to play a more up-to-date technology to adopt technology and production materials and furniture. Its prominent feature is simple, practical, beautiful, personalized to show both, to a neutral color or monochrome-based, sometimes one or two very bright decorative colors.
Classical-style luxury home, either from the demand for psychological or economic conditions, can only be a small group of people to choose, but we all know now the home most of the carpet color are complex.
In line with recent years, modern urban pop style of a modern, well-carpet bee words to create a series of KIMI. It has a simple and concise fashion, with the elegant and graceful warmth. KIMI series is the use of color designers in the annual 07,08 in the home of the most popular color combination selected. In the pure simplicity of tone color, like graffiti at random but carefully drawn patterns, the use of simple lines of graphics, highlights the unique characteristics of the young, bring a freehand brushwork, fashion, refrain from being the enjoyment of taste. KIMI series used carpet wool, cotton, jute, and other natural fabrics to weave a careful, exquisite touch technology to allow more soft and comfortable. The unique design, distinctive color ingenuity, environmental protection and high-quality technology, a variety of colors, a variety of colors, specifications for a variety of styles, so that customers easy choice, delicate embellishment of life, with a single convenient, but also free to mix and match.
3. Carpet at home to environmental protection in recent Olympic theme or green carpet of the most popular.

China’s new environmental regulation, environmental community is now everyone’s attention to the problem. Household goods as carpets, and even more people to bear on the Green family’s desire. Bee words at the beginning of the design in the carpet, on the persistent use of the natural fabric, to ensure that each customer’s home carpet is green.