The weak global economy pose a negative impact on textiles

The latest forecast shows that the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2008/2009 World cotton mill consumption for the first time in 5 years, the declining trend. The global economic slowdown on the demand for textiles and clothing have a negative influence. As a result, this year, the World cotton consumption is expected to be 123.7 million bags, slightly lower than last year’s record.

U.S. cotton mill year after year to reduce the amount of foreign consumption in the past five years of tremendous growth since the 2003/04 year, an increase of more than 25,000,000 packets. In fact, the last 9 years, the amount of foreign cotton mill for all-time high, mainly of Chinese consumption growth. Under the current 2008/09 forecast of foreign cotton consumption slightly higher than last year because of the amount of the expansion of China, and the amount of U.S. factories decreased to 4,400,000 packets, for 105 years, the minimum amount.