Then good quality savonnerie rugs also need the correct use and maintenance

Carpet is ideal ground decoration material, it has features such as thermal, acoustic, anti-knocking, gives a sense of foot feeling of comfort, flexibility, and, with its beautiful patterns, color coordination, and indoor flower pretension, for people to enjoy the beauty of art, but is important to note that when using maintenance.

1, every six months or a year on the savonnerie rugs can be moved to outdoor open space clean, slapped from the back, clear the building within the savonnerie rugs of dust and clean savonnerie rugs surface. 2, when the savonnerie rugs stain when more serious, can be sent to a professional savonnerie rugs cleaning company maintenance. Then problems when used on the savonnerie rugs under 1, savonnerie rugs is mostly fluff fabric, using early may have a slight hair removal. 2, beware of sharp object scratched the surface of the savonnerie rugs. 3, there are stains clean up in a timely manner, to avoid discoloration, mildew. Sensitive to heat than 4, plush savonnerie rugs, beware of boiling water, cigarette burns it Variant.