Three companies with 1.3 billion reserve price competition was the old chemical fiber plant is expected to net asset value significantly

Sept. 23 in the afternoon, in the City Land Resources Bureau of the land auction, this year’s top selling second area of the Qixia District Yan Ziji block, eventually up to real estate, real estate and Huafang Nanjing Jin Ling Paper The three companies join hands in order to compete a 1.3 billion reserve price.

This year to sell the second largest area of the Qixia District Yan Ziji block, is the predecessor of the Nanjing Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Yan Ziji of the plant. The plot step of the way south, west ten long trench, with a total area of 325528.7 square meters. According to the land requirements in the land developers in need of a building with 36 classes a 9-year schools, an area not less than 33,000 square meters, after the completion of the transfer of free education; at the same time, building on behalf of the public 2500 square meters terminal, social parking 4500 square meters, free of charge after the completion of the transfer of government departments.

23 in the auction, only to come up real estate, real estate and Huafang Nanjing Jin Ling’s three paper companies, a joint bid, and to successfully bid 1.3 billion reserve price. According to the land requirements of the block floor area ratio not less than 1.6,90 m below the area of dwelling size not less than 45%. Reporters have done a rough calculation of the land area of construction will reach 520,000 square meters, dwelling size below 90 square meters will be close to 3,000 units. At present, second-hand housing prices in the region in about 6000 yuan per square meter, while the auction floor price of only 2496 yuan per square meter, the market is very impressive.

It is understood that at the end of 2007, the Nanjing Chemical Fiber Factory Yanzi Ji had to stop operation of its viscose filament yarn, viscose filament, and so on a short business have been moved to the Yangtze River on the north shore of the Liuhe District Hongshan Fine Chemical Industry Park. At present, Yan Ziji Nanjing Chemical Fiber Factory in the region has begun demolition of the old plant to ensure the transfer of land on schedule to complete the work. According to the Securities researcher, Yan Ziji chemical fiber plant in Nanjing in 2004 through the replacement of assets from the time of the land for industrial land in the net asset evaluation to assess price per square meter for 468 yuan, the industrial land to residential land After the auction, the price per square meter up to 2496 yuan, Nanjing Chemical Fiber will be a substantial increase in net assets.

According to the city in the past business practices, corporate relocation site of the realization of the land, scheduled to be publicly traded, land-cash funds, after deducting costs associated with the return of 83% of the enterprise. In that case, in accordance with the current 1.3 billion of the land, Nanjing Chemical Fiber from about 1,079,000,000 yuan, however, due to the need for expensive plant relocation costs, the industry said that the Nanjing Chemical Fiber eventually be able to get some 9 billion and net earnings per share Assets will increase by about 3.1 yuan.

Said that at present, although the company has completed the relocation of the main, but not the end of the liquidation, production enterprises operating costs and the cost of the relocation cost is not fully identified, at the same time, the government has not yet final implementation of the policy, the company assigned to the number of The ratio is still difficult to say. However, the relevant parties to confirm that the land auction, Nanjing Chemical Fiber’s net assets will certainly increase.