Three nylon horse in the first three quarters year-on-year sales by three percent

So far this year, the national production of nylon filament in general industry slump, to reduce the rate of development of the situation, it is located in the city’s Economic Development Zone in Zhejiang Province three nylon Ma Technology Co., Ltd. is a different state, closely rely on the companies to accelerate product innovation in science and technology in transition The pace of escalation, to win quickly in the market, also made the rapid development of a good situation. In the first three quarters, the company a total sales income of 210,000,000 yuan, representing growth of 31.3 percent over the same period last year.

The company’s Office said: “This year the company to earn such a success, mainly to accelerate the strategic transformation and upgrading of products.” Horse nylon three companies since its inception has been to adhere to the “plant science and technology” for the purpose of the technical funds have invested nearly 5 Billion, from Germany, Japan, Britain to introduce an international brand nylon filament-the-art production equipment, so that the annual output will reach 30,000 tons. At the same time, putting in a lot of human, financial and material resources, scientific research institutions and domestic institutions, to increase the development of new products, new technology introduction and application of new materials efforts. Differences in the R & D and production of nylon filament in this area, the company has accumulated a large number of core technologies, its own intellectual property rights are a few innovative products in the domestic industry with a leading position, and become the alternative to import high-grade nylon filament of the main Variety.

In 2006, the company has developed the property 44dtex/48f nylon filament light 6FDY by Zhejiang Science and Technology Agency for the Evaluation of new products and technology, developed in 2007 the production of nylon filament Quan Xiaoguang filled the gap, as in Zhejiang Province In 2007 focused on new products and quickly became the company’s leading product. This year, the company Quan Xiaoguang production of nylon filament production line despite increased to 8, but the product is still in short supply in the state, Quan Xiaoguang ton of nylon filament of the market price of nylon Silk ordinary high 2000-3000 yuan. In the first three quarters of this year, the company’s only product sales amounted to more than 160,000,000 yuan, and total company sales of 80% this year, the company’s rapid growth played a decisive role.

This year, three-horse nylon Zhejiang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. also invested more than 100 million science and technology funds, with the National Dong Hwa University Department of the relevant professional co-operation room, increasing research and development of new products. Up to now, has been successfully developed nano bamboo charcoal nylon filament and three different (special, different fiber, reduce differences) nylon filament two new products, including nano bamboo charcoal nylon filament has entered a declaration at the provincial level to identify new product stage In preparation for the implementation of next year with an annual output of 10,000 tons of nano bamboo charcoal nylon filament industrial technological projects for the company in the future continue to lay a good foundation for the healthy and rapid development. It is understood that the current domestic market nano-ton bamboo charcoal nylon filament in the selling price of around 100,000 yuan.