Three pieces of soft decoration of the family savonnerie rugs maintenance

Today, the savonnerie rugs as an important part of family decoration in soft, are more and more people frequent use in the living room, bedroom and other places. Carpets from the dull a few years ago, old style evolution into now beautiful and innovative style. But tends to fade after the savonnerie rugs long; appears difficult to restore the indentation; trace appears because of improper use of Coke, to corrupt the entire room decoration style, brought to master many troubles. Here, the Chinese savonnerie rugs network series teaches you a few savonnerie rugs maintenance: 1. when the savonnerie rugs is there is difficult to recover when dent the weight of furniture, free towel dipped after the superheated water wrung, Dent parts drop about 10 minutes, and with hair dryer and fuzz brushes, while blowing while brushing, Dent natural elimination. 2. when the savonnerie rugs color dark, old, fine salt sown on the savonnerie rugs, 5-6 hours, and then with a clean damp cloth and wipe the salt, and color of the savonnerie rugs will return to bright. 3. Coke on the savonnerie rugs, and not serious, available hard brush burning brush out. More serious scorch, you can cut some pressure in furniture or savonnerie rugs of hair under the bed, hundreds of adhesive used to stick them in burning, and books on top, after hundreds of dry, and brush gently picking good, repair can be spurious. New savonnerie rugs is pleasing, so old savonnerie rugs maintenance correctly, same style remains the same, comfortable and beautiful.