Tibet to take positive measures to promote the healthy development of Tibetan carpets industry

In order to promote the region Tibetan carpets steady development of the health industry, and as soon as possible to nurture and Tibetan carpets industry into an export-oriented special industries, as farmers and herdsmen employment, incomes play a greater role this year, the Office of the Tibet Autonomous Region business to take four measures to actively and steadily Tibetan carpets promote industrial development.

First, will be built Tibetan Carpets Weaving Workshop Panhuo work as the region this year, the industrial development of Tibetan carpets an important part, earnestly implement them. Shannan region with the reality of the region, “Panhuo assets, increase the farmers and herdsmen, and promote industrial development” principle, supports and encourages multiple ownership of economic entities and the ability of self-employed contractor or lease of weaving workshop. The second is positive for the United Nations plans to develop the “arts and crafts development and modernization of sub-project” support to help Tibetan carpet Association of Tibetan carpets production enterprises personnel training, technological research and development and other capacity-building. The third is to strengthen the autonomous region with the relevant departments and bureaus of the contact, the regional Science and Technology Department has agreed to include the item on the Tibetan carpets to support science and technology projects, to give financial support. Fourth, the “Tibet Autonomous Region Tibetan carpet industry development planning” to prepare preliminary research and data collection, and other infrastructure work basically completed, has entered the drafting stage demonstration.

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Tibetan carpets divided into three: First, with Mao Niurong yarn and woven from wool lines, complex patterns than the bright, soft texture; Second, the Fine-wool sheep from the braided line, a simpler style Sudan, but also useful Cai line woven into a larger pattern of thin blanket; third is the “mats”, that is mat. With canvas or leather containing Zhangzi hair, barley straw or hay, texture firm. Match properly, it can become an ideal home decorations.

Carpet: Law unique texture, bright color, composition simple good fortune, ethnic style rich; blanket of delicate soft, technology skills, nice, highly appreciate the value of washing Diaomao not fade and durable. Gyangze carpet especially in the most famous.

Mats: the Tibetan people is a very popular daily cushion, may be called on the carpet, a single bed so much. “Cards” in the Tibetan language is “on” means, for the laying on the cushion named. Mats in various colors are plush woven from the sheep, to keep warm Gechao, durability, is both a comfortable bedding, is a pleasant decorations.

Tibetan plateau wool and wool hard, long fibers, elastic strong, shiny, and is woven carpets上好of raw materials. Their production times in the various regions of Tibet, to Gyangze, Lhasa, the most famous. Gyangze is the home of mats. 600 years of history. Gyangze each will be woven carpets. Gyangze the mats unique, not only wool uniform, fine texture, color dyeing also unique. In addition to its red, black two colors of the dye, the other colors of the dye are from the local leaves, roots and minerals extracted from. This self-made dye bright color, perishable unchanged. Plateau has great fun and unique national style. Jiang Zika pad not only the famous, but also exported to India, Nepal, Bhutan and other countries.