Tibetan farmers and herdsmen in Qinghai blanket become new ways to increase income

Plateau in late autumn, wind, however, in Qinghai Province Sanhe Village town Qi new Tibetan carpet weaving workshop, this reporter has seen the bustling scene and one group: 38 farmers, “Weaver Girl” is being carried loom worsted wool Line nervously over latitude, under the Pa, smashing Ping … … Today, the Tibetan carpet weaving has become a vast number of farmers and herdsmen in Qinghai new ways to help them become better off.

Tibetan carpet weaving has been 6,7 years Qi TANG Sheng-lan is a new Village villagers, there are five people at home, 1.6 acres of arable land. TANG Sheng-lan told reporters that as a result of fewer people and more, in the past we only rely on her husband’s home to the county seat provincial capital to work to live, to town to work, not only to spend money, food, and I have inadvertently been owed wages will be. As the motion to the Institute of Tibetan carpet weaving, she has been able to earn money at home, and last month, she also hit a record of the village: Tibetan carpet weaving a net 37 days to earn 1228 yuan.

Qi Village Tibetan carpet weaving new leader of the British Qi told this writer, the Tibetan rug weaving easy to learn, fast then one month, the slowest three months will be able to grasp. Possession by virtue of a blanket as a result of distinct cultures and technological characteristics increasingly welcomed by the international market, they live more and more Tibetan carpet weaving to participate more and more people. Now, do good to have an average of 500,600 yuan a month income, done in general can also have a monthly income 200,300 yuan, as they are and enterprises signed piece stringent labor agreement, a maximum of 15 days, the villagers will be able to get wages. Their village has now become the leading enterprises in Qinghai Tibetan Carpet Qinghai Tibetan Sheep Carpets Group, a grass-roots production workshop, and up to when more than 60 villagers here rely on income-generating blanket possession.

Qinghai is the birthplace of one of Tibetan carpet with the development of Tibetan origin blanket superiority, possession of cultural superiority and advantages of rich resources. Tibetan carpet is a typical labor-intensive industries, according to estimates, 10,000 U.S. dollars for each additional Tibetan carpet industry exports, will be arranged to 16 people to seek employment. Last year, only the Qinghai Tibetan Sheep Carpets Group Tibetan carpet exports exceeded 10 million U.S. dollars. In 2003, the provincial government to convene a special meeting, clearly the development of Tibetan carpet industry support policy, in 2004 and successfully held the Qinghai Tibetan Carpet International Exhibition. The past two years, strongly support the Tibetan sheep in the Tibetan carpet leading enterprises such as development, poverty alleviation work in conjunction with the guide Tibetan carpet leading enterprises and farmers and herdsmen to form a unified supply of raw and auxiliary materials and the acquisition of semi-finished products, to develop a unified market, unified management, processing workshop scattered in different villages of the “three unified a fragmented” mode of production and encourage farmers and herdsmen in the Tibetan carpet industry.

At present, Qinghai province have new Village Qi as possession of such a blanket 123 processing workshops, employing 8162 people, the resettlement of more than 7,500 labor force, the vast majority of the rural labor force, annual per capita income reached 2880 yuan. Tibetan carpet industry has initially come out on a new road conditions in Qinghai Province, Qinghai Province to develop into a new bright spot in special industries and farmers and herdsmen new ways to help them become better off.