January 15 domestic cotton market

Domestic spot: January 15, China’s cotton (11800,90.00,0.77%) price index (CC Index328 level) to 11,077 yuan / ton, or 8; CC Index229 level for 11,611 yuan / ton, down 13 yuan; CC Index527 level for 10,031 yuan / ton, unchanged.

Bring together the market: January 15, MA0901 to close at 11,600 yuan, an average price of 11,575 yuan, up two yuan; MA0903 to close at 11,650 yuan, an average price of 11,681 yuan, down 14 yuan; MA0904 to close at 11,750 yuan, an average price of 11,751 yuan, down 47; MA0905 to close at 11,801 yuan, an average price of 11,815 yuan, down 34 yuan. Overall turnover of 7840 tons, an increase over the previous 2000 tons, with a total volume of orders for 57,900 tons, an increase 760 tons.

Zheng Cotton Futures: January 15, Zheng cotton CF905 low main contract, in early trading after dropping as driven by short-covering , and then shift the focus of trade shocks, trading in the long positions slightly under the pressure adjustment, on-line form stars, the main contracts traded enlarge positions increased slightly. C901 traded 284 contracts on hand, Japan 18 hands, closed positions 4262 hands; CF905 turnover of 20,862 contracts on hand, 522 on hand, 44,676 hand closed positions; CF907 traded 764 contracts on hand, Japan 370 hand, closed hand positions 6214.

Imports of cotton: January 15, India cotton, cotton in Central Asia and East Africa there is no change in cotton prices, and the remaining species generally fell 0.25-0.50 cents, the United States fell by 1.5 cents FiberMax cotton. It is understood that the past few days after the offer down quotations cotton and textile enterprises started to close the psychological level, the textile enterprises to increase in demand for cotton. Due to a limited number of quotas this year, cotton to come up with more timely offer low-cost, low-grade cotton at present the United States offer a new flower and India have increased cotton pricing.