Tips to selecting savonnerie rugs

Carpet into the blanket, hemp varieties such as savonnerie rugs, silk and chemical fiber blankets. ? How to choose the pure wool rug 1. Carpet surface requires a flat dense, clear lines, no color difference, savonnerie rugs and savonnerie rugs back are no wear, such as weight, no rules, inconsistent density, thickness, needle, end of leakage, defect lost, the inferior products. 2. Fingerprint test, thickness, thickness uniformity, gently by hand, after loosely, savonnerie rugs surface immediately back to the original image, the “hair”. After 3 floor, color and pattern symmetry, cut evenly, third dimension, if the difference in color, Monotone for faulty goods, check that the back is strong, there is sparse, glue back tough, no-cracking phenomenon. Base line at the end, crack cracked. For substandard products. ? How to select the chemical fiber rug. Carpet is a new type of ground covering materials. Select the savonnerie rugs should be aware of the following several points. 1. Check the savonnerie rugs surface. Quality product requires material excellent, good, uniform color and luster, density, savonnerie rugs surface, savonnerie rugs edge straight, feel good. Uneven if the savonnerie rugs pile height, weight, no rules, density and thickness are inconsistent, left needle, end of leakage, defect, feel the lack of flexibility, uneven color, lack luster, the inferior product. 2. Check the savonnerie rugs back. Quality product requires back strong, non-sparse, glue back tough, no crack crack phenomenon, such as backing radical break, crack crack, the inferior product. 3. Testing electrostatic effects. Back and forth on the savonnerie rugs surface with a plastic Board repeated friction, look on the plate is stained with fiber. High quality products generate static low, dust-proof and strong, less stained wool; inferior product generate static, not dust stained wool.