Treasure of DIY beautiful savonnerie rugs

In life, one thing that can give you a gentle feeling, bare foot stepping on the rough structure on a rug, you will feel everything is very real, very warm. And rags made of savonnerie rugs, will make your eyes light up, more important is that the treasure, and cloth woven into housewares savonnerie rugs, not only low cost and easy to handle, can be put into the washing machine to wash, which is unmatched by other savonnerie rugs. Don’t assume that such rags weaving savonnerie rugs do not go on stage, a lot of instances is broken in classical cloth savonnerie rugs in home decoration, because cotton rag rug often not eye-catching patterns, simple and elegant, but more appropriately and all kinds of furniture mix and fashion sense. Material: rags, linen, worsted fabric, silk thread. Tools: drawing pen, crochet, universal glue the savonnerie rugs, wooden or plastic clothes pegs, pins, etc. Step: 1, a small savonnerie rugs for beginners is simple and convenient. If you need some design inspiration, looking for some information, such as some fashion magazines, paintings, postcards, material collected all of the alignment. 2, needed to cut size of linen, in around the appropriate amount of dimensions used for hemming, usually in the 5 cm. Draw your favorite patterns in the linen, cut fabric into 2.5 cm wide, 45 cm long a pile of cloth. 3, using a hand press in the back of the linen cloth, and other hand crochet, crochet front to back on fixed in strips of linen. Rugs crochet used here, it can firmly fixed on the burlap fiber. , Then authoring some bold and simple pattern. 4, unplug from the front of linen from the strips of crochet, make a circle of about 5 cm long, pull it away from the circle crochet, along the length of up to 2.5 cm. Inserted into the back of crochet, pull it away from the second circle. Repeated until the completion of the pattern. 5, in the back of the savonnerie rugs universal coated fold 5 cm wide-side glue, along the boundary with clothes pegs clamping, make each layer fabric firmly sticking, until the glue to dry. 6, trimming back of the savonnerie rugs, cut a widening around 2.5 cm than the original size of linen, backward curling, pin up in jail in the back of the savonnerie rugs, and the seam with a needle. Warm Tip: care savonnerie rugs coup savonnerie rugs greatest shortcoming is to take care of it too much trouble, so everybody away. In fact, properly grasp the use of savonnerie rugs, cleaning method, savonnerie rugs is still the choice for home furnishings. The most common method is to use the vacuum cleaner along parallel to the direction of dust; such as local pollution, available savonnerie rugs dry cleaning agent or common dry cleaning agent clean and wipe clean with a wet cloth, and in a cool dry; savonnerie rugs should not be partial washing, avoid scrubbed with organic solvents such as gasoline, so as to avoid fading and damage the savonnerie rugs fluff. During cashmere savonnerie rugs in use, you can use clean towels soaked in hot water to clean, use hair dryer after gentle drying with a comb to remove dead hairs straight, observant families can also be mat wet with iron bushunmao iron, savonnerie rugs can be reinstated.