Understanding of the chemical fiber rug

Carpet is made to chemical fibre as the main raw materials, Office of the polypropylene fiber savonnerie rugs (polypropylene), acrylic fibers (Pan), polyester (pet), the Office savonnerie rugs of nylon fibre (nylon), chemical fiber raw material. Carpet according to their different weave savonnerie rugs factory can be divided into: tufted savonnerie rugs, savonnerie rugs, acupuncture, square savonnerie rugs weaving savonnerie rugs, knitted lace savonnerie rugs, bonded savonnerie rugs, savonnerie rugs of static flocking and so on. Carpet and rug company compared to hand-made wool savonnerie rugs, with lightweight, wear-resistant, colorful. Red savonnerie rugs foot comfort, elasticity, while light, laying savonnerie rugs at home the advantages of simple. In addition, the chemical fiber rug is cheaper than hand-made wool savonnerie rugs. Household savonnerie rugs depends primarily on the decorative effect of the chemical fiber rug rug savonnerie rugs surface structure, surface structure is different, different features. (L) flat Hotel savonnerie rugs wool looped: characterized by full circle high living room savonnerie rugs, without a cut, the surface smooth, durable. (2) multi-layer nylon savonnerie rugs pile head high and low-pin: is characterized by inconsistent savonnerie rugs wool looped high, fluctuating surface PVC savonnerie rugs run, full of sculptures, patterns like automobile savonnerie rugs carve on the savonnerie rugs. (3) plush (cropping) is characterized by Shanghai savonnerie rugs cut off at the top of Terry, Terry into two fiber bundles, savonnerie rugs surface gives a graceful purely static, a continuous sense. (4), plush savonnerie rugs, savonnerie rugs design characterized by cashmere Mantilla line more closely, materials strictly. “Shade effect”, making savonnerie rugs color changes in the market exciting, or bias, or shade. (5) Fleece (coarse down) savonnerie rugs, features hand-made savonnerie rugs is the number of root pile close sets, produce a summary block effect, rugs, very sturdy, applicable use plastic savonnerie rugs in places with heavy traffic. (6) savonnerie rugs of tufted savonnerie rugs network structure. Terry insert the end of the first layer fabric (backing), savonnerie rugs sales with a layer of latex will then Terry firmly positioning. Sticky end of a layer of cloth and wool savonnerie rugs (backing) make it more secure. When users purchase silk savonnerie rugs savonnerie rugs, according to the interior color of the savonnerie rugs factory mix on the one hand, select the appropriate color of savonnerie rugs, on the other hand should savonnerie rugs according to use establishments and decorative requirements, selecting savonnerie rugs sales structure on the surface of the savonnerie rugs. Additionally, in purchasing rugs should also consider the physical properties of savonnerie rugs. When people buy rugs savonnerie rugs companies focusing on color, pattern, color and other visual characteristics of the savonnerie rugs, is also attention to the hair color of the savonnerie rugs, feel, and often overlook the hotel savonnerie rugs directly affect the physical properties of savonnerie rugs life. (1) Peel strength: Peel strength hand-made savonnerie rugs reflects the savonnerie rugs between surface layer and the protective backing with strong degree. High peeling strength of savonnerie rugs with water when used in water resistant ability when woven savonnerie rugs. (2) wear resistance: as surface decoration materials, savonnerie rugs squares savonnerie rugs are worn during use, makes fluff layer on the surface of grinding to PVC floor coverings exposed backing, so better wear resistance, long service life of the savonnerie rugs. General used better yarn quality woven savonnerie rugs, villi length longer wear resistance of savonnerie rugs, the better. For hand-made wool savonnerie rugs, number more savonnerie rugs more dense, more abrasion resistance of plastic savonnerie rugs well. (3) flexibility: laying the savonnerie rugs after use, be affected by the weight of furniture, people walking on it will also exert pressure on the poor elastic savonnerie rugs, the thickness of the red savonnerie rugs will reduce, reduce the smoothness of the savonnerie rugs. Elasticity of the savonnerie rugs is less than the pure wool rug, elastic than polypropylene savonnerie rugs-eye nylon savonnerie rugs. Our present production elasticity of the savonnerie rugs are not yet caught up with automobile savonnerie rugs international similar product level. (4) fire retardancy: rug is hand-woven wall hanging fire burning, so finds savonnerie rugs of fire retardancy is 12min in burning time, burning range is the diameter of 17. 96. Circle m or less. If the fire retardancy of the savonnerie rugs are not qualified, encountered in the process of using Mars will have a large area burning, will rival embroidered wall hanging people have a lot of harm. (5) adhesion: adhesion strength is measured on a pile of the savonnerie rugs backing strong degree of bonding. (6) static properties: when people move around on the savonnerie rugs, and due to friction wool rug savonnerie rugs surface static, and the materials of the savonnerie rugs is a savonnerie rugs store insulation, static is not easy to release, so the chemical fiber rug, if not treated, the more charged than wool savonnerie rugs, easy cleaning, it is difficult to clean, serious people walk in the top shock feeling. Therefore in the production of synthetic fibres, often mixed with regular household savonnerie rugs with ability of conductive antistatic agent, but the antistatic savonnerie rugs production in China has not yet caught up with international standards. (7) the aging resistance: resistance to aging of mainly for the chemical fiber rug, savonnerie rugs market. This is because the chemical synthetic fibres in the air, light, and other factors of oxidation occurs, bring down the savonnerie rugs design performance, shorten service life. (8) of bacteria resistance: savonnerie rugs as a floor covering, in the course of using, easy to be eroded by insects, fungi, and nylon savonnerie rugs changes cause mildew and rot. Good bacteria-resistant savonnerie rugs should be able to withstand 8 common savonnerie rugs network and of 5 species of bacteria Streptomyces erosion without long bacteria and mildew.