Turpan in Xinjiang caused by playing the ancient Silk Road on the north-west “Hainan”

Sunshine Turpan, health Ayding Lake, where winter trip? Turpan in Xinjiang, “Xinjiang” Happy people – Turpan winter sunshine trip to the health of “the city of Turpan in 12 starts.

Turpan average winter temperature of 5.72 degrees Celsius, almost no snow, no road is wet and slippery; Turpan is China’s long life to one of the top five, 100-year-old more than 20, accounting for the total population of 7.6 parts per thousand; unique location of the traffic So here to become a transport hub of northern South. “Happy people – Turpan winter sunshine trip to the health” of each year in December to the beginning of the end of April the following year, which lasted five months.

WEI Zhi-ping, vice mayor of Turpan city that is on the Silk Road Turpan city, eastern and western cultures grapple with the intertwined, the state historical and cultural city; here cultural thick, strong customs; maximum Turfan in Xinjiang winter temperatures, almost snow-free climate Characterized by middle-aged and elderly has created a natural environment for convalescence.

According to the Tourism Bureau of Xinjiang party secretary of Chongqing pool, their cause is to fight the ancient Silk Road Turpan, northwest of the “Hainan.” Turpan City, 184 kilometers away from Urumqi City. In this land of 70,000 square kilometers, contains all the classic Western helenahat.