Types and characteristics of chemical fiber rug

Carpet is made to chemical fibre as the main raw material, polypropylene (pp), acrylic fibers (Pan), polyester (pet), nylon fibre (nylon), chemical fiber raw material. Carpet weave different it can be divided into: tufted savonnerie rugs, needle woven savonnerie rugs, knitted lace savonnerie rugs, savonnerie rugs, bonded savonnerie rugs, savonnerie rugs of static flocking and so on. Compared to hand-made wool savonnerie rugs and savonnerie rugs, with lightweight, wear-resistant, colorful. Foot comfort, elasticity, while light, laying is simple and so on. In addition, the chemical fiber rug is cheaper than hand-made wool savonnerie rugs. Depends primarily on the decorative effect of the chemical fiber rug savonnerie rugs surface structure form of surface structure is different, different features. (L) plane looped: characterized by full circle highly consistent, without a cut, the surface smooth, durable. (2) multi-layer pile head high and low-pin: characteristic is savonnerie rugs wool looped highly inconsistent, dimple run, full of sculptures, patterns like carved on the savonnerie rugs. (3) plush (cropping) is characterized by top cut off Terry, Terry into two fiber bundles, savonnerie rugs surface gives a graceful purely static, a continuous sense. (4), plush savonnerie rugs, is characterized by cashmere Mantilla line more closely, materials strictly. “Shade effect”, make color changes varied, or bias, or shade. (5) Fleece (coarse down) savonnerie rugs, characterized by the number of root pile close sets, produce a summary block effect, rugs, very sturdy, suitable for places with heavy traffic use. (6) construction of tufted savonnerie rugs. Terry insert the end of the first layer fabric (backing), then with a layer of latex Terry firmly positioning. And then stick with a layer of cloth at the end (backing) make it more secure. When users in the purchase of the chemical fiber rug, on the one hand according to the interior color matching, select the appropriate color of savonnerie rugs, on the other hand should be based on establishments and decorative requirements, select structure on the surface of the savonnerie rugs. Additionally, in purchasing rugs should also consider the physical properties of savonnerie rugs.