United States commercial savonnerie rugs physical property standards

U.S. commercial savonnerie rugs requirements of the physical properties of standard items (limited to finished savonnerie rugs) Detection of the average flock weight (ounces / square yards) of not less than the nominal value of -6% ASTMD-418 the number of tufts / square inch nominal ASTMD-foot see 418 pile height and / or the pile height deviation of the nominal value of the ASTMD-418 see the average density of the pile (minimum) see the nominal value (the provisions of Chapter 11) tufts adhesion force of 10 pounds (44.5 cows) only in the pile (minimum average) ASTMD-1335 dry breaking strength of 100 pounds force (445 cattle) (minimum average) ASTMD-2646 peel strength of the secondary backing 2.5 pounds / inch (each 25.4mm11.1 cattle) (minimum average) ASTMD-3936 insect resistance (only for wool), “moth” AATCC-24 color fastness to rubbing marking the minimum 4, dry and wet, the color shift by AATCC standard AATCC-165 color fastness to light after 40AFU (AATCC fading units) to maintain a minimum level 4 after using AATCC gray scale color changes AATCC-16E (Xenon arc lamp) anti-static properties of ordinary business , the largest maximum of 3.5 kV 2.0 kV harsh environments Tolerance AATCC-134 – the width of standard ¡À 1% said the value of the physical measurement of combustible Urotropine (tablet) 8 7 or more samples must pass FF1-70 in accordance with the provisions of 16CFR1630 radiant panel floor coverings at the local , state and federal government's specific requirements ASTME-648 modular savonnerie rugs / additional requirements and size of pieces the size of the nominal value plus or minus deviation of 1 / 32 inch (0.8mm) Maximum dimensional stability within the physical measurements, however ¡À 0.15% ISO2551 (Aachen Test)