United States production is expected to reach 140,000 tons

Tanzania – the country’s production this year is expected to reach 140,000 tons, the country’s output of one of the largest in history, about the previous year’s production twice. As the local cotton factory widespread problem of the shortage of funds, so the whole year of seed cotton price has been very stable. About 75% of lint cotton has been sold to companies and the Indian textile mill. Sri Ram Cup Dar port of shipment congestion problems have led to a number of sold contractual breach of contract, which is expected to be made available for sale on the market increased. However, exporters are also no plans to reduce the level of quotations. New flowers have been planted in several major cotton-producing regions of the beginning, according to initial projections, the new flower production is expected to once again reach 140,000 tons.

Zimbabwe – drought coupled with the second led to the growth of the country’s only a very small production 100,000 tons; than originally anticipated decrease of 25%. Zimbabwe is in economic collapse accompanied by inflation at the same time, but it does not seem to have too much impact on the cotton planting cotton initiative. Next year’s production will be 160,000 tons. But this depends largely on exporters / cotton plants are willing to invest sufficient funds. Planting in some areas has already begun, should be no later than January 2009 in the middle of the end.

Zambia – the heavy rainfall this year, making the initial expectations dashed the aspirations of high-yield, the total output of 40,000 tons over the previous year only a little higher, but well below the 06/07 year the total output of 70,000 tons. Next year is expected to reach production levels of 06/07 years because of the cotton market on the mainstream of seed cotton price is quite satisfactory. Good demand for high yield is expected to support next year.

Uganda – disappointing compared to the 2007/08 annual output of 12,000 tons is expected this year, the new cotton production up to 30,000 tons. Has been picked to carry out a comprehensive, but the government issued the minimum purchase price of seed cotton to the cotton plant is a bit too high, and that makes cotton plants are no large-scale acquisition. At present, all parties are working to resolve this embarrassing situation, in the solution prior to the first wholesale delivery time will be delayed.