US-bound textile exports to quota restrictions are no longer

January 1 next year from exports to the U.S. textile export quota of no more restrictions on textile exports to the EU this year, just off the quota restrictions, which means that the textile quota era will end, but to the ecological standards of product quality and safety certification for the characteristics of the “green trade Barriers, “but more quietly.

Textile exports international environmental standards, certification has attracted more and more attention to the high Fujian, the Fujian Provincial Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Department in the recently held free training courses on the topic, hundreds of participants rate Min. Office of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Maoguan Chu said, many times to avoid detection can apply for the international Oeko-Tex certification, the government’s encouragement, the current enterprise in Fujian have obtained more than 80 Zhang “Oeko-TexStandard100 environmental certification standards for textile products,” Two years ago, and only a dozen or so. However, the province compared to more than 20,000 textile enterprises, the ratio of certification is still less than five ten thousandths.