U.S. financial crisis has affected the real economy

Yesterday, the focus of this work Expo Forum – “The Fifth China Forum on industrial competitiveness,” the first to be held in Shanghai. Experts believe that the participants at home and abroad, to cope with the international financial crisis, China’s opportunities outweigh the challenges. Chinese enterprises are a lot of initiative and innovation, we deal with the financial crisis.

The crisis has affected the real economy

“The United States expand the financial crisis, global economic slow down significantly, the negative impact of China’s economy gradually.” Assistant Minister of Commerce Lu Jianhua said at the forum.

He said that as of the end of Sept., China’s gross domestic product 20,160,000,000,000 yuan, up 9.9 percent, an increase over the same period last year dropped 2.3 percentage points. Export 1,070,000,000,000 U.S. dollars, up 22.3 percent, an increase of 1.2 percentage points down. Part of the Chinese industries such as textiles, light industry, chemical products exports to the United States has been negative growth; part of the production and marketing industry, a serious decline in profits, the emergence of the closure of small and medium enterprises sector-specific phenomenon.

And the Ministry of Information Industry Bureau to run high-Su-mei, deputy inspector also believes that the situation is still not optimistic about the next step. As the global economic slowdown and inflation situation will continue, new technical barriers and trade protection will become more prominent, which is China’s industrial production linkage effects will be more obvious decline in exports, foreign investment will continue to shift.

China, the opportunities outweigh the challenges

Nevertheless, the experts agreed that the financial crisis, China must have “confidence, cooperation, responsibility,” to strengthen cooperation with other countries to overcome the shortage of improving the financial structure of the old and can not give no thought.

Central Financial and Economic Leading Group Office of the Secretary ZHANG Song-tao said that 30 years of reform and opening up to China to fight the international financial crisis has brought great material foundation and room for growth. In this financial crisis, China, the opportunities outweigh the challenges. China’s total GDP last year, ranked third in the world, and Germany, almost. He predicted that this year China’s GDP will be more than Germany, the RMB and U.S. dollars, compared to the euro has appreciated significantly; from the per capita GDP, this year will be much higher than last year, nearly 2900 U.S. dollars; imports and exports this year will remain 20% Above, showing growth; 1-9 for the month of China’s foreign exchange reserves reached 1,900,000,000,000 U.S. dollars. He said that all of these data show that China fight against financial risks are great and the material foundation for the development of space.

Enterprise innovation and development initiative

Experts point out that to deal with financial crisis, domestic enterprises focus on innovation and enhance core competitiveness. In fact, some enterprises have already started operation.

Shanghai Electric Group Xu Ziying, vice president, told reporters that the so-called innovation can not be changed with the times and must be forward-thinking, open up new areas of technology. For example, Shanghai Electric is aiming desalination of sea water, marine equipment, medical equipment, aircraft engines, electric energy, such as the robot has great potential for development of technology, research organizations, to seek international cooperation to form a new technical high ground. Alcatel Shanghai Bell is also relevant that the person in charge, in the face of the crisis, Chinese enterprises should make strategic “by addition and subtraction”. Is to take the initiative to do, “subtraction”, stripped of low value-added business; positive “additive” to speed up the internal productive business development services; opportunistic “multiplication” and a global service business centers.

For those innovative strength of small and medium enterprises are relatively weak, related to the Ministry of Commerce said the next step will be introduced policies to encourage small and medium enterprises purchasing goods produced to support these enterprises bigger and stronger.