Changshu Polyester market a week Comments

Changshu Polyester learned from the market, this week, the market price of Polyester was “to restrain or after” the situation after the weekend to buy up to buy or not to drive, Polyester trading volume as “blowout”, the price trend is also on the 4th Were “significantly higher” prices, the offer Polyester Factory Pu Zhang, POY, DTY general increase in the 300-500 yuan / ton, FDY or 500-1000 in the yuan / ton in the vicinity. Silk prices rose after the lower reaches of the textile market outlook Polyester prices cautious view, the atmosphere on the 6th trading down.

Varieties from the market trend, the semi-light FDY100D, 150D can sell the market; the mainstream market is a large variety FDY75D/36F light, DT75D/36F light in sales last week marked a turn for the better; and 108D, 150DFDY big demand for light Appears to be general. FDY50D/24F light and semi-DTY75D/72F (net) in the weaving machine is still good demand, mainly the production of light cloth, velvet lap, and so on, the current rise in prices of 10,200 yuan / T, 12600 $ / T. DTY wire sales were modest, such as Taicang DTY production of silk 100D, 150D package does not demand more color, the lower reaches of the main production printing fabric, the texture of the product down your request to slightly lower production costs; but on the contrary package excellent color silk market as a whole Market situation of supply exceeding demand still die hard.

Weaving from the lower reaches of the situation, a number of velveteen, Smith cashmere, fleece, coral fabric Rongdeng transactions are on the increase and manufacturers of fabric stocks also fell, a slight pick-up in Taiyuan Ji Kai Jilv, Changshu in the vicinity of the Mei Li Kai Jilv warp Relatively stable, the actual consumption of raw materials for a slight increase, but the volume of Downstream wave of procurement will be a period of time to digest the current purchasing power and lower reaches of the significant caution. Polyester market next week is expected to show a trend of consolidation of the market transition.