Using barbed Board to solve the savonnerie rugs up wrinkle problem

Carpet paving from the common quality defects of the drum, wrinkled, color inconsistencies and loose savonnerie rugs, etc. Carpets, such as drums, wrinkle, in addition to savonnerie rugs in front of the pavement is not spreading flat out, mainly due to paving Kern barbed elastic unevenness and barbed Board due to individual misses. If savonnerie rugs is open, muster phenomenon occurs, savonnerie rugs, in turn, after the volume should be, rolled out flat. Or paving Kern well-distributed, Zhang ping immediately mounted barbed Panel, with the flat shovel beating, ensure all barbed can seize the savonnerie rugs. If inconsistent color, not including materials of poor quality, including grass-roots moist or water-the rug absorbing water discoloration on the surface, and sunlight exposure, the savonnerie rugs surface part lighter. So at the time of purchase to pay attention to the selection of good quality, color, consistent savonnerie rugs. In addition, if barbed barbed not fixed on the plate, will cause the savonnerie rugs shifting loose, so need the barbed decoration company configuration panel to ensure barbed all seize the savonnerie rugs.