Various types of domestic chemical fiber raw materials (11.20) daily market price Comments

November 20, PTA, MEG prices are consolidation, semi-light, bright polyester chip prices to stabilize, CDP slice PET bottle chip price consolidation. Acrylic staple fiber 1.5D × 38mm, acrylic top 3D × 102mm prices are consolidation; CPL, nylon 6 chip prices stable. Polyester trading atmosphere was somewhat lower, trading volume Polyester market is slowing down, but prices of POY offer only a slight increase, in the range of 50-100 yuan / ton range. Although the current rate of spinning factory production and sales today than a few days before the decline, but so close to flat. The lower reaches of the city of cloth market has not improved, the majority of people believe that this round of procurement will be temporarily covered the lower reaches of the paragraph, the market began wait-and-see mood in the near future Polyester market as a whole for the time being it seems mainly to consolidation. Polyester staple fiber prices stable temporary security. Viscose staple fiber with lower prices.