Week (Nov. 10-16) wire into Cations Suliang down

Recently, one week (Nov. 10-16), a weak stock market fell in Polyester, silk cation sales are weak, and prices have shown a trend of decline, such as the current FDY50D/24F, 68D/24F, 100D / Cation 48F silk market quotations are currently 12500,10500,9300 yuan / ton, compared with the previous price of a sharp decline. In addition, DTY, POY prices have dropped to varying degrees.

According to the source, Su Liang cation wire down the reasons for this: First, the upper reaches of the prices of raw materials, such as cation during this period of time to slice the price down 300 yuan / tons, is currently on the market in June to buy out short acceptance bid prices In 7000 yuan / ton or so, from the cost of wire prices Cationic formed to suppress; Second, the lower reaches of the market for textile yarn cation of the lack of demand, resulting in sales of silk cation pressure. In the lack of support, under the lack of demand, market participants have prices of silk cation decline.