What is viscose functional fiber?

Include common fibers of viscose fiber and high wet modulus fiber, fiber strength, modification and special fibers for a few categories. General fiber including: viscosity rubber long silk and viscosity rubber short fiber, short fiber and including: cotton type fiber, and hair type fiber, and medium fiber and high curl fiber; high wet die volume fiber including: polinogic fiber, and high wet die volume fiber, and high curl and high wet die volume fiber; strong fiber including: General strong fiber, and super strong fiber; modified sexual and the special fiber including: received branch fiber, and flame retardant fiber, and hollow fiber, and conductive fiber, and antibacterial fiber, and coloring fiber,. Viscosity fiber products has implementation differences of and the function of, except General products outside, also development has fine denier fiber, and Super fine denier fiber, and shaped section fiber, and rough denier fiber, and very crude fiber, and single silk fine complex silk crude fiber, and single silk rough complex silk does not crude fiber, and composite fiber, and degeneration savings fiber, and added Xiao light agent fiber, and coloring agent fiber and other material modified sexual has various function sexual, as flame retardant, and antistatic, and anti-stink, and antibacterial, and high moisture sexual, and anti-UV, function fiber.