When the silk rugs maintenance

Fine silk rugss as the faces of people, only a frequent, regular care can always clean and beautiful. However, how to let your beloved silk rugs lasting fresh? in fact, this is not difficult, outside the subject needs to have good living habits, proper use and maintenance is very important, this summer, let HOLA Hola, road to teach you some silk rugs dust maintenance. 1, and suit pattern beautiful of silk rugs, people see people love, who also does not willing to let it premature to “huarong pale”, to let silk rugs day long along new, best is regularly with vacuum cleaner to silk rugs for comprehensive detailed of cleanup, weekly for has law and more thoroughly of absorption dust, makes dirty property not embedded cashmere head within, because dirty property will in bottom up grinding role, to accelerated wear. Dust pollution do not have prior to entering into the silk rugs pile, dust is a removal of dust and impurities are effective and economic way for better cleaning results, when the vacuum cleaner bags are half full before State, you should clear the hybrid. In particular, do not wait more dust into the silk rugs fibers and then clean up. HOLA Hola sold vacuum cleaners have pure aspiration, beat rod and bristle brush three rotary cleaning methods, apply close silk rugs pile head and Terry silk rugss, can only use the suction function of vacuum cleaners. In addition, using vacuum cleaners last push down the pile head direction for preferably cut pile silk rugs cleaner with a brush pile floor coverings for color ring recommends using only a cleaning function of vacuum cleaners, to prevent too much fluff. 2, before using this cleanser first make sure the silk rugs clean. Do not place the silk rugs too wet, that loss and the back of the Organization, make it very easy drying silk rugs. If moisture is too serious, even at the bottom will start to rot decay. Selection of 3, dust removal tool and dusting methods also affect the clean effect. Equipped with rotating dust brush cleaners, can more effectively absorb NET rugs in the dust. Fumate launched HOLA Hola FM-3A clean machine that combines the efficacy of brooms, vacuum cleaners, avoiding the daily cleaner easy dust problems. This cleaner intimate thing, fuselage can angle rotation, which will help in cleaning silk rugss “dead ends”