Wood fiber towel and difference about common towel

First: with strong absorbent and degreasing ability. General Terry hit after oil detergents are more difficult to clean, and wood fiber towel just wash with water or hand soft, oil separation of layers at once and towels, cleaning towels immediately after a bright and clean. Second: has a superior ability to antibacterial, anti-bacteria. Normal towel for a long time will turn yellow, hair slide, sick and become hard and sour, mainly because on the towel has a lot of bacteria due to long time may cause skin diseases. Wood fiber towels in the processing required for removal of bacteria in sugar and fat, no bacteria for so long, and itself has a strong anti fouling, antibacterial, antifungal function. Towels feel soft, not knot Board for a long time hardens, is a real natural green health good. Third: clearing odor, since the Qing dynasty and self-cleaning. General towel wipe the sweat, stains will later produce a smell taste. Wood fiber towel whether dry or wet will not have an unpleasant taste. Products for home, beauty and bath centers, businesses, hotels, guest houses, kindergartens in the wash of nursing cleaning use.