Woven hand-made silk rugss of common tools

Woven silk rugs when you need to use some of the commonly used tools, in accordance with all aspects of the role of different, we introduce most commonly used tools are as follows: drawings, beams, iron Combs, a knife. Drawings: before you make a piece of silk rugs weaving, you first need a silk rugs design drawings. Weaver based on drawings to weave patterns of color and pattern. And weave you must in future in the weaving process in strict accordance with drawings by tagging on a variety of symbols to an injection needle weaving. Beam: weaving a silk rugs when must a few dash caused by machine on the beam, so we must use coarse long wood or steel rack up a sufficient to bear certain pulling force perpendicular to the beam. And warp a distance around a fixed beam, to weave for next. A complete machine beam must have four right angle of the rod. Two levels, one on top, one below. Other two vertically on either side. Iron comb: during the weaving process, you also need a special iron Combs will have woven silk backlog, take a real in order to make out silk rugss maintain a natural density. Because hanging on the machine beam of longitude is a root, so you need to use with a lot of uniform teeth of iron comb. Knife: in woven silk rugs needs to be kept when cutting a root of the thread, so I need to weave left hand line, knife in your right hand, cut off the rest of the thread at any time.