Wuhan Textile identified “three group of” strategic

February 9 the author from Wuhan Industrial Group Co., Ltd. state-owned holding the meeting was informed that work, in 2008 the state-owned enterprises in Wuhan Textile calm in the face of adversity, to overcome the international financial crisis, the difficulties caused by the reform efforts, focus on species, pioneer markets, although earnings decline, but still realize a profit. The new year, Wuhan Textile identified “three batch” strategy, namely the relocation of a group of ex-situ transformation to reform the stability of a number of restructuring, bankruptcy liquidation of a group resettlement. Through the implementation of this strategy, and strive to realize the stable development of enterprises, difficulties in textile workers quit the goal of stability.

2008, Wuhan Textile several key enterprises in the fight spent. Wuhan Jiangnan Group to seize the relocation of the transformation of the opportunity to update the equipment, the development of varieties of mold in the country with a cloth market and the Hubei Province bedding market gain a foothold. Last year, the company not only export growth, and realize a profit. As a result of expropriation of part of Wuhan subway plant, Wuhan Yue Dahua Group experienced a shift equipment, personnel and other large movements adjust. The face of difficulties, they rely on a concerted effort, in the shortest time possible to complete the transfer of equipment installed, the resumption of normal production work.

Difficult for enterprises and workers to resolve the difficulties in 2008, Wuhan municipal government allocated 180 million yuan to promote enterprise restructuring. At present, Wuhan second printing and dyeing mill has already started the restructuring operation, Wuhan Jin Textile Co., Ltd. and other enterprises with disabilities have been included in restructuring the target in 2009. Through restructuring, the difficulties enterprises will be properly resettled, businesses will be completely out. In addition, in 2008 there are three Wuhan textile enterprises have entered the ranks of policy-related bankruptcy. At present, the knitting factory in Wuhan has been the first commencement of insolvency proceedings in the first half of this year, will operate after the bankruptcy of other enterprises program being drawn up.

According to Wuhan textile development plan, this year, the backbone of textile and textile enterprises in Wuhan will be completed or started to move to the suburbs from the city center, take the replacement land plants, new equipment to make Wuhan Textile reborn realize changes.