Above-scale industrial enterprises in Zhejiang Province to run down efficiency

2008, by the international financial crisis and other factors the impact of above-scale industrial enterprises in Zhejiang Province to run effective decline in the operating difficulties of some enterprises. The year the main business income of 3778.12 billion yuan, up 11.2 percent last year, down 12.5 percentage points; total profit and tax of 276.86 billion yuan, up 3.9 percent decline, down 30.3 percentage points; of which a total profit of 151.36 billion yuan, up 11.7 percent decline in last year, down 41.5 percentage points, an increase from January to March fell 18.0% to 15.8% in January-June, and then from January to September’s 4.8 percent slide further into a negative growth of 1-10 month 1.3%, all the way downlink, showing month by month trend of decline (see chart). January-November the National Statistics show that the country has 31 provinces including Zhejiang province, including 14 of the total profits of negative growth, above-scale industrial enterprises in Zhejiang Province profit fell 9.1 percent, than the national (4.9%), Shandong ( 16.0%) and Jiangsu (7.1%) were low 14.0,25.1 and 16.2 percentage points higher than that of Guangdong (-13.1%) and Shanghai (-19.8%) level.

Regulation of industrial enterprises in Zhejiang Province on the loss of the more serious cases, loss of face for the 16.3% over the previous year increased by 6.8 percentage points; loss-making enterprises 29.99 billion yuan loss, an increase of 175.8 percent, an increase over the previous year increased by 150.4 percent; corporate loss rate reached 16.5% over the previous year increased by 10.6 percentage points. Loss of over a hundred million enterprises have 29, 22 more than the previous year. Focused mainly on the distribution of large losses in the power (8), chemicals (5), oil processing (3), communications equipment (3), beverages (2), fiber (2), iron and steel (2), food processing agricultural and sideline (a), rubber (1), non-ferrous metal smelting (a) and electrical machinery (1), the total loss reached 12.88 billion yuan, accounting for 42.9 percent of total losses.

From the industry perspective, light and heavy industry profits were 70.57 billion yuan and 80.79 billion yuan, up 1.8 percent and were down 18.8 percent last year, down 28.6 and 50.9 percentage points. 37 categories of industries (excluding other mining industry), oil processing, waste resources, coal mining and water production and supply industry, four industry losses more than the previous year three industries; special equipment, textiles, transportation equipment, special equipment, electricity production and supply, leather, handicrafts, paper and chemical fiber industries a total profit of 16 have experienced a negative growth over the previous year increased 14; electrical machinery, general equipment, communications equipment, clothing, plastics, metal products, nonmetallic minerals , instrumentation, etc. 14 industry rate of profit growth over the previous year’s decline in varying degrees; the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, tobacco products and non-metallic industry total profits grew 36.3%, 24.3% and 47.9%, an increase over the previous year increased by 2.7 , 11.4 and 26.7 percentage points.