Wuxi New Area textile exports there have been some landslides

978 approved inspection, the sample sent to laboratory tests approved 96 of which involved the safety, health, PH value, formaldehyde, color fastness, the fiber content, such as the appearance of the reasons for the failure of the products approved 9, failed batch 1% Laboratory sampling a failure rate of 10%. 13, reporters from the commodity inspection department was informed that the new district this year, textile, apparel exports of “small quantities” check out some of the problems.

Professionals, “small quantities” of goods for export failure detection, the main problem is that “small quantities” easy to be ignored. This year, as a result, the appreciation of the renminbi, the domestic impact of macro-policies, Wuxi New Area, textile and garment exports there have been some landslides. The textile industry faced barriers to trade and macro aspects of the difficult double the market price competition, “small quantities” of low profits or even losing business is not big businesses are willing to production, customers can only look for “small business” production; of these long-term business The production of domestic products, exports do not have the condition, some only a few years a number of export goods processing, quality control, the low level of obsolete equipment, lack of inspection and quarantine laws and regulations and standards of knowledge; at risk of individual enterprises, the switch clearance, factories often change addresses No testing or regulatory basis for continuity; some of the larger enterprises, but due to the poor situation of the textile market, in order to pull customers, to accommodate customer requirements, regardless of the cost to retain customers, while the production of shoddy work caused by “low-volume “The quality of export products more hidden dangers.

The next test will strengthen the supervision of the “small quantities” of export goods inspection and supervision, inspection of the new export enterprises, the first batch of the whole project on-site inspection and inspection, monitoring small-scale producers of raw materials and feed testing program for Cargo’s control, put an end to enterprises in order to lower costs and cheaper to buy poor quality of raw materials, foreign trade companies to put an end to the individual to make small batches at a loss does not mark the product does not accurately identify ingredients, such as elevation with cotton, wool-bearing capacity or with cashmere Volume of such acts from happening.