Xi’an, Shaanxi Xinjiang cotton prices Quotes Comments

In policy by driving under the Reserve, Shaanxi Xi’an Xinjiang price stability trend up, near the year, the textile enterprises increased willingness to buy, some enterprises have already started to fill the Treasury.

December 29, the purchase of cotton textile enterprises last vehicle has doubled the price for the two Xinjiang 12,400 yuan / ton (with votes, public prosecutor’s settlement, in cash, the Treasury since the mention), 3 12100 yuan / ton , are unchanged from December 26. Recently, the local market for more than three little cotton has been unable to meet the demand of the situation, spot prices are expected late lint will be gradually to aroundprice.

In addition, the chemical fiber prices are still over, December 29, Polyester Staple Fiber Price from different manufacturers in the 7050-7300 yuan / ton, representing a 26 decreased by 50 yuan / ton; viscose staple fibers to priced at 11,500 yuan / ton , down 100 yuan / ton.