Xinxiang Chemical Fiber construction funds received 8.32 million yuan

Xinxiang Chemical Fiber announcement today, Henan Province, Department of Finance issued an order on the early progress of industry in 2009 (the third) the project’s capital investment budget to expand domestic demand, the company received the company’s Henan Province, Department of Finance “CS2 Recovery Equipment Integration demonstration projects, “2.64 million construction funds; received” an annual output of 1,000 tons of green home-made fiber production line project “construction funds 8,320,000 yuan, the two funds totaling 10.96 million yuan.

Xinxiang Chemical Fiber According to introduction, the two funds were included in January 23 the company accounts, these funds will be in accordance with “Accounting Standard for Business Enterprises,” credited to the relevant provisions of “deferred income” accounts. The company said these funds were the company’s financial situation have a certain influence, the company will be in strict accordance with the “National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance on the issuance of an emergency to implement the additional 100 billion yuan investment in the work program of the Central notification” requirements of the use of funds to ensure that the project construction smooth implementation.