Yun brings warmth to the city for the textiles industry degree “winter”

December 24, Li Jifeng County received the IRS “tax Yun Tong” sent by mobile phone text messaging, face melancholy smile, he said, companies from the life and deathinformation at this time.

LI isRichvast Hua, chairman of Cotton Textile Co., Ltd., so that he pleased that the “national value-added tax levied transition from production to consumption, the new production equipment purchase value-added tax deductions will allow large enterprises to benefit from” this policy change, and let him feel the warmth of the tax system to distribute information platform.

Yun Textile City is large counties, the county has 365 textile enterprises, 3.1 million spindles, 12,000 looms, 4.2 million people in the textile industry chain. Liu Guosheng county party secretary told reporters that by the global financial crisis, the product prices to fall, quite a number of powerful large enterprises as a result of the acquisition of more than cotton, stock products, a few to close position at the moment any one of the unfavorable external factors, it will become a pressure Camel collapse of the last straw. To this end, the county frequently support policies and measures introduced to help enterprise security through the international financial crisis of the cold winter.

The county to encourage enterprises through property collateral, the UNPROFOR households, such as security companies secure way of dealing with textile enterprises financing problems. County finance to small and medium-sized security companies once again inject 20 million yuan, so that security companies and state-owned banks have the conditions for cooperation to increase the size of the secured loan. On this basis, the county has set up the Huitong material storage and transportation center, has 30,000 tons of cotton reserve capacity. County Rural Co-operatives and cotton reserves households signed the loan agreement to provide warehouse receipt pledged loans, the purchase of cotton enterprises to resolve the problem of shortage of funds.

Textile enterprises to reduce the tax burden, the county provides: from January 2009 until 6 months, textile enterprises to implement the approved tax levy to reduce the amount approved; taxation departments collected close relieve some of the costs; electricity sector peak Valley electricity to help businesses reduce costs. The county opened a “tax Yun Tong” website and SMS platform, informed policy information for enterprises to eliminating doubt and confusion.

According to the briefing, although adversely affected by many factors, but the whole county from the State of the textile industry, government rent income growth is still over the previous year. Textile enterprises is currently in the county, in addition to the beginning of the storage of raw materials or finished products more due to the backlog of more than 10 production, sublet, or underemployed, most low-profit state enterprises Department.