Zhengzhou PTA this week in a row down

Zhengzhou PTA this week in a row down Zhengzhou PTA down this week in a row, TA811 closed in 6604, representing a Sept. 26 closing price was down 562; TA901 closed at 6222, down 1066. Spot PTA fell on October 10, in PTA fiber price index for 7000 yuan / ton higher than on September 26 was down 150 yuan. The lower rate of decline in the market. According to the fiber in the price index, and on September 26, October 10 polyester staple fiber fell 450-10100 yuan / ton, down filament slice 550-9000 yuan / ton, down 300 yuan bottle grade chip to 10,000 yuan / ton. The supply side, domestic PTA unit load to maintain the 64% level. In addition, 46,000 tons PTA Day, the flow of stock futures in the spot market, to a certain extent due to the suspension of Hualian Sanxin PTA plant to stop the chaos caused by supply problems, Cost, PX spot breakdown thousand points, PTA further loss of support costs. October 10, CFR China / Taiwan para-xylene (PX) LC30-40 days spot price of 975-976 U.S. dollars, representing a Sept. 26 fell 194 U.S. dollars / ton. Reference to the cost of formula, the current cost of production of PTA in 6450 yuan / ton in the vicinity (975.5 × 6.8327 × 1.02 × 1.17 × 0.655 +1200 ≈ 6450). Judging from the status quo, PTA is still not out of the atmosphere of the disadvantaged. Global action to short-term assistance to hard economic downturn and other factors renminbi revaluation continues to inhibit the development of the textile industry, together with the cotton (information market) spot remains in the doldrums, PTA demand in the lower reaches of the traditional peak season demand does not significantly Wang. As a result, the PTA supply is not tight against the backdrop, PTA prices have to rely on support costs. In addition, the Government introduced policies to support the textile industry remains to be seen. Overall, PTA has not effectively changed the medium-term vulnerable, whether next week to stabilize the international crude oil mainly dependent on whether to hold onto 80 U.S. dollars mark.