2008 China Cotton Development Summit Forum

In recent days China Cotton Textile Industry Association to host the “innovation market economy” as its theme “2008 China Cotton Development Summit Forum” on the Shandong Wei Bridge Venture Group, said Zhang Ping, speaking: 1, Chinese textile current difficulties and Is not a financial crisis caused by the financial turmoil, we macroeconomic policy has been a problem, the RMB exchange rate, the export tax rebate rate, the interest rates on bank loans lead to a significant adjustment in the textile industry is the real reason for the difficulties. 2, to support the textile industry is to support farmers! Because we have 90% of the textile workers are farmers, textile mill is also on behalf of the interests of the peasants! 3, do not agree to foreign investment in textile mills, or China’s own labor force how to do? 4, we said that the production level is not high, the rumors!