400 cotton enterprises in Jiangsu have received the State Reserve Cotton “admission ticket”

Jiangsu Cotton main producing areas of cotton acquisition temperature carried out without the fire. 400 qualified cotton prices have got a State Reserve Cotton “tickets.” Faced with late positive, cotton seed cotton prices quickly try for Price, lined up the remaining resources of high-quality cotton. And other places in Yancheng, 400 cotton prices recently hung out hard 3 seed cotton price of 2.5-2.6 yuan, large quantities can also be “face-to-face.” The price of one, cotton prices gradually lively up front, Inquiry, and transportation of people and vehicles out of cotton. Some cotton traders to the old plot in the hands of the finest large-scale cotton seed cotton shipped to sell high; some small cotton or cotton prices to the hands of brokers to sell the seed cotton shipped.

Face the flow of seed cotton, is not off-hand cotton prices and the sale of cotton CEOs who applied consultations transactions. Volume reached more than 10,000 kg, according to 2.60 yuan-denominated, but down 50 percent, and 50 percent in the three months after the payment; if the one-time settlement, solely on the basis of seed cotton catty 2.50-2.55 yuan-denominated. In some large-scale cotton prices, as many as teller of the “cattle”, active in Yancheng a cotton prices a “cattle” claim, as long as the catty to its 1-cent handling fee, he can do with the sale of cotton with teller. However, this is the first “cattle” who is on a hard to say.

400 cotton in cotton prices from country to country policy is driven by the beginning of vitality at the same time, 200 and below the small and medium-sized enterprises because of potential cotton moving, of course, they hung out of the seed cotton price was significantly lower than large-scale Cotton prices, these enterprises mainly following the acquisition of four low-level cotton, in the main producing areas Sumian, spread all over the small, medium and low-level air currents made cotton textile enterprises are particularly popular, and the face of 400 of the acquisition of high-priced cotton prices, and some small cotton enterprises willing to play their  to some high-grade cotton prices and from the mixed-grade cotton in sorting out the high-grade cotton to sell 400 cotton prices, which make the difference again.