And short fiber pulp market in detail Comments

And short fiber pulp

And short fiber pulp market is still a downward trend, the current general Shandong short fiber prices have 3,000 yuan / ton, slightly better point in the 3400 yuan / ton. If no unexpected events occur, Shandong this year will easily break the short fiber 3000 yuan / ton. At present, pulp factory operating rate was lower, with the market price of viscose prices also fell Dizou. The current market price of the mainstream in 7500 yuan / ton.


Dragon Shandong today, following last week to adjust its prices again to make price adjustments, Dragon is currently quoted at 16,200 yuan / ton acceptance. The decline in prices, the industry is bound to rise again Dizou prices. With the previous difference is that up Wealthy, Tangshan and other large enterprises still remain at the current offer 16,300 yuan / ton. Market prices are still the mainstream 16000-16200 yuan / ton.

Viscose staple fiber market, compared with the drop in prices, viscose filament market a little good, but shipping market situation is not satisfactory. Downstream businesses operating rate is still low.

Comments in fiber

Viscose staple fiber market prices began to fall steadily situation, mainly the lower reaches of cotton were reduced due to large enterprises. At present, the glue of the enterprise sales force is out everywhere, the lower reaches of the initiative and enterprise communication. First, the yarn factory, but the lower reaches of the funds is not very healthy chain, and the other is a high inventory, industry inventory in about 18-30 days, so much inventory, buyers want the lower reaches of Nahuo positive, the more difficult.