At present, the silk industry to resolve existing problems

2008 National Silk Dress Design Competition Division in Guangdong, “Leslie Cup” finals held recently in Guangzhou. China Silk Association Gehui believe that the silk industry, there are currently four major shortcomings: not great importance to brand-building; the production of silk fabrics and designs can not meet the demand; export-oriented, not enough emphasis on domestic demand, domestic sales of models behind; for young people to consider more To the neglect of the elderly. The contest aims to enhance the Silk brand of product design and innovation.

“Rising labor costs, such as a combination of factors renminbi to appreciate substantially reduced the silk business profits; a lot of loans to small and medium enterprises is very difficult.” In view of the current textile and garment enterprises difficult winter, Gehui believe that the export tax rebate, Aug. part of the textile, apparel The export tax rebate rate from 11% to 13%, but the state should also be reflected in further support efforts to prevent the rapid decline in economic growth.