Cotton textile enterprises in Shaanxi Province with cotton growing gap

From that relevant departments in Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Province this year, cotton (12290,55.00,0.45% of it) planted area of about 125 million mu, with a total production of about 89,000 tons, although the per mu yield of this year is expected to increase 2 kg over the previous year, but As the province’s cultivated area reduced by 10 million mu over last year, the total output will decline by 6%, cotton textile enterprises increased the gap. It is learned that in order to stabilize the cotton market in Shaanxi Province, and earnestly safeguard the interests of cotton farmers and cotton spinning enterprises, departments of Shaanxi Province are actively pursuing the acquisition of cotton capital. Provincial Agricultural Development Bank in the tight credit funds, fund-raising 1,000,000,000 yuan for the support of the new cotton processing enterprises purchase cotton. According to the relevant departments to strengthen the acquisition, processing quality control and management of small firm against the cotton gin, soil balers and other illegal processing equipment, guide to the cotton growers of “a quarter” against the “three-wire” pollution and earnestly safeguard the quality of cotton. At the same time, increase cotton processing enterprises in upgrading equipment, and upgrading is expected to end more than 50% next year to complete all the cotton processing equipment upgrading. Positive for the state’s cotton import quota of cotton from other provinces to strengthen the order and transport to ensure that the textile enterprises in Shaanxi Province with demand for cotton. According to the National Bureau of Statistics survey, this year, China’s cotton growing area about 8658 hectares, down 2.5 percent. The promotion of improved varieties of cotton, to promote science and technology of cotton, cotton-producing regions of most of the good cotton crop is expected to yield year-on-year increase in domestic cotton output last year with basically the same.