Domestic cotton prices in 2009 what is affected?

Affected by financial crisis, the selling price of cotton in our region showing a downward trend. This country have adopted a series of measures in 2009 which would place the domestic cotton prices affected? The author interviewed the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission, prices of agricultural products director Elia Section officer.

In order to boost market confidence, stability, domestic cotton prices to protect the interests of farmers, from the end of 2008, the state promulgated a series of measures. Elia: “From last year’s 3-quarter since carried out three cotton, this work is also continuing, especially for cotton in Xinjiang also given freight subsidies. On the domestic cotton prices of basic stability, and has played a positive role. ”

Elia said that with the gradual implementation of national policies, cotton prices in the long run will be a rising trend: “The state in order to stimulate the textile industry to deal with the present difficulties, but also taken steps to improve the export tax rebate rate and so on. Countries introduced in November 10 policies and measures to expand domestic demand, to 10 at the end of 4000 billion investment, stimulating domestic demand. I think with the implementation of various policy measures, he is bound to boost the growth of domestic demand, and that growth in demand for textile products are bound to bring about a corresponding driven, cotton prices will definitely have it warmer. “